A 5-year voyage to tackle plastic pollution

RESPECT! Entirely propelled by solar energy, hydrogen and wind, the boat set off last year on a five-year journey around the globe to raise awareness of the urgency of curbing plastic pollution in the oceans.


Global Peak in Atmospheric Radiocarbon Provides a Potential Definition for the Onset of the Anthropocene Epoch in 1965

Here we report a series of precisely-dated tree-ring records from Campbell Island (Southern Ocean) that capture peak atmospheric radiocarbon (14C) resulting from Northern Hemisphere-dominated thermonuclear bomb tests during the 1950s and 1960s.

Maslenitsa (Feb 12-18 in 2018) — one of the most favorite celebrations in Eastern Orthodox tradition. [Snow in PDX Metropolitan area — as a special treat… ))] Масленица — один из самых любимых праздников в славянских традициях и культурах. Ну а «снег» (растает через два часа) на северо-западе США — это как специальный подарок на особый день… ))