PLOS Collections: Article collections published by the Public Library of Science

In this Collection, the tragedy, comedy, and (mis)adventures that infuse the practice of science will enter the scientific record as peer-reviewed scientific stories. The stories come from scientists working to manage and preserve biodiversity, and offer a new way to engage diverse audiences in today’s pressing scientific issues.


Startup to teach CROWS to clean streets by collecting cigarette butts

Very cool!
Knowing Crows, I would not be surprised if they go further, stealing cigarettes from people to recycle them for the rewards!.. ))

In Defense of Biodiversity: Why Protecting Species from Extinction Matters

Carl Safina: “When I was a kid, there were no ospreys, no bald eagles, no peregrine falcons left around New York City and Long Island where I lived. DDT and other hard pesticides were erasing them from the world. A small handful of passionate people sued to get those pesticides banned, others began breeding captive falcons for later release, and one biologist brought osprey eggs to nests of toxically infertile parents to keep faltering populations on life support. These projects succeeded. All three of these species have recovered spectacularly and now again nest near my Long Island home. Extinction wasn’t a cost of progress; it was an unnecessary cost of carelessness.