Drug cops raid an 81-year-old woman’s garden to take out a single marijuana plant

AMAZING: “team of Massachusetts State Police and Massachusetts National Guard troops sent a helicopter, several vehicles, and a handful of troopers to Holcomb’s house to chop down the plant and haul it away in a pickup truck.”



Interest, enthusiasm, and dedication can even change weather to vibrant clouds & sunlight instead of rain with thunderstorm! (SCI-112, Environmental Science class in the field on October 1; WA, USA). Concordia Portland, College of Arts & Sciences at Concordia University Portland; #field, #students

from Sergei Polozov http://ift.tt/2ceI3Kg


This camera-toting weather balloon, was launched by students way back in 2013, but wasn’t discovered until a hiker found the payload 50 miles from its original launch site several years later.

Студенты в 2013 запустили GoPro на метеорологическом шаре снять сверху Гранд Каньон, потеряли и случайно нашли пару лет спустя.